The Secret To Creating
Intelligently Nuanced Portfolios

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There are a lot of things in life that we can focus on, but what we should focus on are two things: The things that matter and the things you can control.

What matters to your client is being able to live the type of life they envision in retirement for as long as they live. What is in their control? How they invest.

For advisors what matters is having a sound intellectual framework when approaching the decumulation phase of life. Retirement marks a time when everything changes. Clients go from adding money constantly to their portfolio to taking money out, constantly.

The math changes. Point in time risk does not impact accumulators, but it does present a significant risk to retirees. When the math changes the strategy must change. What advisors can control is how they approach the challenge of retirement distribution planning.

We Believe That Portfolios
And Plans Belong Together.

What is the purpose of a portfolio? We believe the portfolios sole purpose is to support your clients’ financial goals. Any other method of arriving at a portfolio recommendation, without first understanding what exactly the plan is asking it to accomplish, is at best less than optimal and worst case could result in the client running out of money. Symplany® is an integrated planning and portfolio management tool designed for Advisors with clients in or near retirement.
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We connect the plan
and the portfolio!

Utilizing our annual bucket strategy Symplany® will help you show your clients, in seconds, what the implications are for various investment allocations given their financial goals. Even better you can push the “Symplany® default” setting and show your client what the optimal setting is for each of their annual buckets. The integration between the plan and the portfolio creates amazing clarity and fosters the right kind of conversations with clients. Words cannot explain how this changes a meeting and how clients respond when they can see their portfolio being designed for them personally and optimized to their actual financial goals and their associated time horizons.
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All financial success comes from acting on a plan. A lot of financial failure comes from reacting to the market. – Nick Murray

When it comes to behavioral investment counseling there is no
better application in existence that enables advisors to help their
see how the portfolio is capable in supporting their plan
given enough time, money and patience.

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At a moment’s notice you can quickly review the entire portfolio, or any one of the annual buckets. In doing so you can help your clients see the difference between various asset allocation policies and their ability to support their goals over their intended time horizons. A big part of the financial advising experience are the conversations that you have with your clients. Symplany® helps you focus on the only context that the client understands and really cares about – their goals and dreams. When you’re focused on what matters to them, and what they can control, they are constantly reminded of what your true value is.

Discover Symplany®

Symplany® frees you to focus on the client, their needs, their plan, their fears, their dreams. Different starting point, better starting point. If you would like to win and retain more ideal clients, and spend less time doing it, get in touch with us. We’re excited to meet you!
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Stocks alone will not make your clients wealthy. An advisor’s behavior around stocks is what makes them wealthy

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