Using Symplany® to help clients maintain
focus, stay calm,
and give you back some time.

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Symplany® is designed to ensure clients stay on track to meet their investment goals and their retirement objectives.

What derails many of them is the stress and anticipation brought about by FEAR (false evidence appearing real) and uncertainty – in their mind. Being able to provide perspective in a simple, straightforward, yet comprehensive fashion is crucial to providing value to your clients. Here are four ways Symplany® helps you do this.
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It puts clients’ concerns in perspective

The Symplany Indicator℠ provides a relative projection of the portfolio’s ability to support the plan.


It speaks to the historical likelihood of getting the returns necessary to reach the client’s stated goals. In short, the Symplany Indicator℠ is a single, easy-to-understand number that communicates to the client whether or not they are on the right track.

The Symplany Indicator℠ is a proprietary statistical calculation based on:

number one in the blue circle

The client’s asset base / value and future projected contributions

number two in the blue circle

The current and possible portfolio asset allocation percentages

number three in the blue circle

Actual market activity, by asset type, since 1926

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Client’s holding period / timeframe until their assets are needed

Ability to do real-time “what ifs”

Everyone wants to understand their options. It’s part of being human. When a client contacts you and asks, “Can I retire 3 years earlier than we planned?”, or, ”Will I be able to buy that cabin in the woods next year?”, they are really wanting to know if that jeopardizes the rest of their retirement. Too often, they are told that getting an answer will take a couple weeks when what they are looking for is an answer right now. Symplany® allows you to input their changes and immediately receive a rational and accurate answer. Your client isn’t necessarily saying they need to make a change; they want to know if they can make a change.
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Helps you make better decisions

Almost 90% of a portfolio’s performance comes down to its allocation. It’s one thing to hear how a change in allocation can impact a future financial position, and it’s a whole other thing to see the impact. All too often client portfolios are allocated in a single fashion, such as 60/40 equities to bonds, and the client cannot internalize the impact this has to their retirement goals. Symplany® allows you to graphically illustrate the difference these approaches will have on the portfolio. Clients are then able to internalize the impact and allow you to assist them in making the best choice

It is built using actual historical data.

No one can predict the future much less future market movements. The best anyone can provide is an assessment based on actual historical market data. Add to that some excellent analytical insight and data analysis. Symplany® back tests all plan assumptions utilizing detailed, not aggregate, market data, by asset type, since 1926.
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Stocks alone will not make your clients wealthy. An advisor’s behavior around stocks is what makes them wealthy.

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